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This list was compiled by Eon “Lounge” Youth Center, Tucson’s drop-in space

 and empowerment program for LGBTQQI and straight-ally youth, ages 23 and under.  For information about Eon, call 620-6245,

or check out our website: www.eonyouth.org .  Eon is operated collaboratively by Wingspan,

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, and Pima County Health Department.


Hot Lines

The Trevor Helpline 1-800-850-8078 (24 hours – 7 days): suicide hotline for LGBT youth
LYRIC’s Youth Talkline (ages 23 and under)  --  1-800-96YOUTH (for queer youth) -- Open: Monday-Saturday, 9:30 p.m. - 12 a.m. (est). Tuesday, 7 p.m. - 12 a.m. (est).
Gay and Lesbian National Hotline    1-888-843-4564  /  Open: Monday-Friday, 4 p.m. - 12 a.m. (est)
Wingspan’s Anti-Violence Project 24-hour hotline (bias violence & harassment as well as domestic violence in queer relationships) – (520) 624-0348 / 1-800-553-9387
National Abortion Federation Hotline – 1-800-772-9100 – Info on local providers (and which are cheapest) and local funding to help in emergency.  http://www.prochoice.org/
National STD/HIV Hotline – 1-800-227-8922, Open 24-hours.
The Nine Line –  information & support for homeless or runaway youth.  Also, crisis-counseling for any youth that calls.  24-7, call 1-800-999-9999.

Queer Stuff

http://www.youthresource.com/ -- an awesome site for queer youth with all kinds of different topics + info

http://www.outproud.org/  --  The National Coalition for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Youth

http://www.nyacyouth.org/ -- a great site for youth with lots of awesome info and links

http://www.aquanet.org/zinev2/ -- online zine for queer asian + pacific-island youth

http://www.deafqueer.org -- “the” place to find info on the deaf LGBTQ  community

http://www.scarleteen.com/gaydar/ -- info + support for the queer teen

http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/RG-glbt_youth_of_color.html -- resource list for LGBTQ youth of color

http://www.anythingthatmoves.com/ -- the Bi-Pride magazine devoted to breaking down stereotypes about bi folks

http://www.bearyouth.org/ -- info for youth about bear culture, healthy relationships, safe sex, etc

http://www.safeschoolscoalition.org/RG-glbt_youth_with_disabilities.html -- a number of links and resources for queer youth with disabilities

www.glsen.org -- Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network -- a website packed with helpful information for students (as well as educators), including how to start a GSA in your school

www.centeryes.org/SIGNS/ -- School Survival Guide for LGBTQ youth and allies, including how to make a personal safety plan, tackle harassment, your legal rights, etc.

www.finaid.org/otheraid/gay.phtml -- scholarships for queer youth

http://home.earthlink.net/~hugdyke/ -- a personal “Queer Page”, including info and links

www.lgbtcampus.org – to find a listing of schools with LGBTQ resource/community centers



http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/youth/index.htm  -- fights for young people’s rights to accurate, honest sex education

http://www.positive.org/  --  the Coalition for Positive Sexuality – more info on sex

http://www.scarleteen.com/ --  “sex education for the real world”

http://www.safepiercing.org  --  good info on body piercings + how to do it safely!

http://www.safe-tattoos.com/faq.htm -- info on tattoos, body art and health

http://www.gayhealth.com/  -- a broad spectrum of health info for the LGBT community, from sex to drugs to body image to emotions to foods and eating.

http://www.adiosbarbie.com -- great site on body image for guys and girls

http://www.poz.com/ -- a publication for HIV+  readers and their community

http://www.palace.net/~llama/psych/injury.html -- this site offers support and information for folks who self-injure / cut themselves, etc.




Autobiography of a Family Photo – Jacqueline Woodson (also check out her young adult fiction)

Rainbow Boys and Rainbow High – Alex Sanchez

Deliver Us From Evie and Hello, I Lied -- M.E. Kerr

Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence -- ed. Marion Dane Bauer

Stone Butch Blues – Leslie Feinberg

Memory Mambo – Achy Obejas

Written on the Body  or  Gut Symmetries – Jeanette Winterson

Dykes to Watch Out For (cartoons) – Alison Bechdel

Black Like Us: A Century of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Fiction – ed. Devon

W. Carbado

Rubyfruit Jungle – Rita Mae Brown

The Flow Chronicles – the Urban Hermit

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues – Tom Robbins

Valencia – Michelle Tea

Godspeed – Lynn Breedlove

Fried Green Tomatoes – Fannie Flagg

The Color Purple – Alice Walker


LGBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer & Questioning Teens—Kelly Huegel

Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology -- Amy Sonnie (Editor)

Free Your Mind: The Book for Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth & Their Allies – Ellen Bass &

Kate Kaufman

Always My Child: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,

Transgender or Questioning Son or Daughter by Kevin Jennings

Sister, Outsider—Audre Lorde (essays of a black queer woman on sexuality, race, feminism)

Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender & Sexuality -- Carol Queen

Our Bodies, Ourselves / Nuestros Cuerpos, Nuestras Vidas  (health & body info for girls/women

of all sexual orientations)

Trans Liberation – Leslie Feinberg

Gender Outlaw: on Men, Women, and the Rest of Us  – Kate Bornstein (trans interest)

Transgender Warriors – Leslie Feinberg (amazing history of trans activism and identities)

Genderqueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary – Joan Nestle

Haruko/Love Poems – June Jordan (amazing black queer woman poet) 

'O Au No Keia: Voices from Hawai'i's Mahu and Transgender Communities -- Andrew Matzner

This Bridge Called My Back—essays by women of color, incl. queer women

Colonize This! – essays on feminism (including queer identities) by young women of color

As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl  -- John Colapinto (intersex focus)

Sexing the Body : Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality -- Anne Fausto-Sterling

(intersex focus)

Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About – ed. Carla Trujillo

Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out – ed. Loraine Hutchins, Lani Kaahumanu

The Very Inside – anthology of writings by Asian + Pacific Islander lesbian/bisexual women –

ed. Sharon Lim

(for  a list of some more books for queer youth, see: www.centeryes.org/SIGNS/resources/index.html )


http://www.pushmagazine.orgPush Magazine – “a magazine of queer feminist subversions”

The Advocate





(many of these movies can be found at independent movie stores like Tucson’s Casa Video)

Boys Don’t Cry or The Brandon Teena Story

Ma Vie En Rose

All Over Me

Lost and Delirious

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

Show Me Love

Watermelon Woman


Get Real (1998, w/ Ben Silverstone)

But I’m a Cheerleader


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Aimee & Jaguar

Better Than Chocolate

When Night Is Falling

Chutney Popcorn

All Over The Guy

Beautiful Thing

Before Night Falls

Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss


Personal Best

Fresa Y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate)

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Tipping The Velvet

The Wedding Banquet (Hsi Yen)

Yossi & Jagger

Prey for Rock & Roll

Trembling Before G-d


Alix Olsen
Eric Himan
Me’shell Ndegeocello
The Butchies
Ani Difranco
George Michael
Le Tigre
Angela Motter
Pamela Means
Rufus Wainwrigh
Hanifah Walidah
Ari Gold


Trans Stuff
www.gender.org – Gender Education and Advocacy (news, info, and resources)
http://www.ifge.org/ -- The International Foundation for Gender Education
www.transster.com (trans men)  / FTM International – www.ftmi.org
http://www.youth-guard.org/pflag-tnet/  -- PFLAG’s transgender network – including basic definitions,
http://www.annelawrence.com/twr/ -- lots of info for trans women
http://www.antijen.org/ -- info mostly for trans women
http://www.tsroadmap.com/early/earlyindex.html -- lots of info for trans (esp transsexual) women
http://www.mermaids.freeuk.com/  -- website for young trans people + their families (esp. the “Young
Voices” section)
informative site, containing personal information, tips, and a good selection of links
www.transalliancesociety.org/links.html -- links to a vast array of sites for folks who identify in a multitude of ways...as well as transition info, legal info, and suggested readings


Intersex Stuff

http://www.queerbodies.org/ (the youth page), and their parent


http://www.isna.org/ -- the Intersex Society of North America

Introduction to Intersexuality and Intersex Activism at Transfeminism.org. This web site was established to facilitate communication between intersex and trans people who are feminists, as well as their allies.



http://www.ambientejoven.org  -- dedicada a la comunidad gay, lesbiana, bisexual y transexual  joven latina

http://www.positive.org/DiQueSi/index.html “¡Di Que Si!” -- educacion sobre sexualidad a favor del sexo

http://www.youthresource.com/our_lives/coming_out/brochures/bisexualespanol.cfm -- ¿Qué significa ser bisexual?

http://www.fwhc.org/espanol/index.htm  -- Centro Feminista para las  Mujeres (FWHC) discute los anticonceptivos, el aborto, y otros asuntos de su salud.

www.youthresource.com/our_lives/coming_out/brochures/transgenderespanol.cfm  --¿Qué significa ser transgenero?

Creo que tal vez sea lesbiana, ¿y ahora qué hago?  -- http://www.youthresource.com/our_lives/coming_out/brochures/lesbianespanol.cfm

Creo que tal vez sea gay, ¿y ahora qué hago? -- www.youthresource.com/our_lives/coming_out/brochures/gayespanol.cfm

http://www.poz.com/ -- informacion por la vida con VIH

http://www.gsanetwork.org/resources/recursos.html -- Que es, y como comenzar, una GSA en su escuela


Grrrl Stuff

http://www.guerrillagirls.com/ --- radical feminists in the arts world....

http://www.the-clitoris.com -- info on none other than...

http://bloodsisters.org -- all kinds o’ revolutionary menstruation resources

http://www.chicanas.com -- tons of awesome info for chicanas and their allies

http://www.exoticizemyfist.com/  -  a rockin’ site of South Asian & Asian/Pacific Islander feminist resources

http://www.prochoice.org/  -- National Abortion Federation – info on local providers, finding emergency funding, etc.

http://www.about-face.org  --  awesome website on girls & women’s body image and media


Activism / Community & Social Justice

www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml – great source of independent, non-corporate news media information – in English and en español

http://www.prisonactivist.org/ -- information on activism around policing & imprisonment

http://www.srlp.org/  -- The Sylvia Rivera Law Project – protecting trans people and their rights

http://www.freedomarchives.org/ -- Freedom Archives – video clips of movements for social justice from the 1960’s onward, including a pretty big La Raza collection

http://www.geocities.com/radicalcheerleaders/about.htm -- the Radical Cheerleaders’ webpage – includes great cheers on a number of different topics: women’s rights, queer rights, environment, foreign policy, etc.

http://www.youthec.org/youthforce/ -- Youth Force Coalition – a coalition of dope organizations for youth empowerment, including  SOUL (School of Unity and Liberation) and C-Beyond.

http://www.crimethinc.com/  -- social critique posters, stickers, etc you can print out and distribute....

http://www.adbusters.org – Adbusters – cool counter-culture anti-advertising posters, etc.


Local resources : Tucson, AZ

Testing & Health Resources
Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona — STI testing, family planning, sexual health info.  Call 884-5562
Theresa Lee Health Center – STI clinic, HIV testing, as well as family planning.  Call for clinic hours or for appt. -- 791-7676
Kino Teen Center – teen health clinic, job skills, and violence prevention.  740-4600
Tucson Women’s Clinic – 1-866-653-6221 (toll free) or 321-4345 – Suite #35 Medical Plaza on Tucson Blvd (between Grant + Speedway) – services include abortion providers
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) – HIV testing (by appt.) and prevention programs, as well as services for HIV+ people --- 1-800-771-9054 (toll free)  or 628-7223
SACASA  (Center Against Sexual Assault) -- 24-hour crisis line: 1-800-400-1001 or 327-7273  (business line: 327-1171)
Wingspan AVP (domestic violence and bias crimes—support, advocacy, and reporting) 624-0348 /1-800-553-9387 or go in person: 300 E 6th St. (just off 4th Ave), Tucson AZ
Brewster Center (domestic violence shelter) 24-hour crisis line: 622-6347
SAMHC (mental health crisis services) – call their 24-7 crisis-line: 622-6000
La Frontera – counseling and mental health services -- 884-9920

Community Resources – Queer Stuff

Wingspan – Tucson’s LGBT Community Center (lending library, cyber-center, information & referral services, community events) 300 E 6th St --  624-1779 or www.wingspan.org

Eon “Lounge” Youth Center -- drop-in center and empowerment program for LGBTQ youth 23 and under.  620-6245 or staff@eonyouth.org or www.eonyouth.org .

Tucson Indian CenterNative LGBTQ Youth group – For information, call 884-7131 x25.

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) – meets the first Wednesday of each month. See www.pflagtucson.org or call 360-3795 for more information.

GLSEN – Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (educators working for equality in the education system; also support Gay Straight Alliances in schools) – 743-4800

SAGA – Southern Arizona Gender Alliance – support group and advocates for the trans community, meets monthly. www.sagatucson.org or 867-0083.

U of A – Pride Alliance (the university’s LGBT Resource Center) 621-7585

Gay-Straight Alliances – At least 19 Tucson high schools have gay-straight alliances.  Call Eon Youth Lounge to find out which schools, and who to contact! 620-6245.


Living Resources

(also feel free to call 620-6245or come into Eon to talk to our Homeless Youth Advocate)

Our Town – runs a  youth shelter, transitional living apartments, services for youth on the street, and family counseling/preservation – call their 24-hour youth help-line: 323-1706 /    1-800-537-8696.

Open Inn – temporary shelter and longer-term transitional living programs.  630 E 9th St. -- 670-9040

Youth On Their Own  -- http://www.yoto.org – Program supports young people (8-22) while they are in school. Living stipend, food + clothing, alternative housing.  293-1136

Primavera Services – services for people 18 and up experiencing homelessness, including hygiene necessities, job training, affordable housing – call 623-5111 for info.  Programs include shelter for men, call 623-4300.

Information & Referral – Info about finding help in Tucson, M-F 8-5 call 881-1794.  Or call 24-hour help-on-call crisis line: 323-9373.


Community Resources – Religious/Spiritual\

MCC Water of Life Metropolitan Church – Rev. Joyce Cook,3269 N. Mountain – 292-9151

Cornerstone Fellowship – 2902 N Geronimo Ave --  622-4626

St. Phillips in the Hills Episcopal Church – 4440 N Campbell – 299-6421

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church – 1436 N Campbell – includes Grace Group (support group) and Tucson Catholic Gay & Lesbian Family Ministry – call 293-6624 or 325-0892.

Lutherans Concerned -- chapter for gay/lesbian Lutherans, meets at Santa Cruz Lutheran Church, 6809 S Cardinal Ave.  www.lctucson.org

Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network (TIHAN) – 492 N Alvernon – 299-6647


Community resources

BICAS -- community bike shop, bike repair instruction, etc – 44 W 6th St -- 628-7950

AIRArt In Reality – FREE art/dance/music/performance classes for youth, at The Muse, 516 N 5th Ave.  882-8012

VOICES  and 110°– Tucson’s youth magazine -- http://www.voicesinc.org/110.htm or 622-7458.  Found at 48 E. Pennington St.

Omeyocan Yes! -- a holistic program rooted in indigenous Mexica philosophy, committed to providing HIV & substance use prevention and improving the sexual health of Tucson’s youth of color, ages 14-18 (project of SAAF).  Call 628-7223 or email OmeyocanYES@saaf.org.

YO! Youth Opportunity Movement —- job skills training and job placement as well as other classes and opportunities.  Call 798-0500.

Skrappy’s – great “underground” youth space and venue for tons of shows. Check out www.skrappys.com or call 622-3028.  Corner of 5th Ave and Broadway.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid – 64 E Broadway. 623-9465 or 1-800-234-7252.  (also, Wingspan has a weekly Pride Law Clinic, w/free legal advice, call 624-1779 for times)